Roxy Rockett

Scissor Legs : We all Pay the Price

I would have to say this is the most frustrating way to waste energy, as a jammer and a blocker.

Here comes the jammer and you have her lined up perfectly… you know how and when you’re going to take that bitch down. You have been staring at her for at least a half lap.. you’re ready! All of a sudden, here comes one of her blockers and she nails the SHIT out of you (literally wiping the snot off you face).

What happens next?

You land close enough to the jammer so she is in range of your hyper-extended leg. Or, as luck would have it, you fall all crazy like and position your legs so that they happen to create a speed bump for that jammer.

Jammer falls (hopefully in a trained fall and doesn’t twist her ankle from your desperate moves) from a fast speed. Not only does she loose her momentum, she has wasted her earned energy, she looses her position in the pack and has to start all over again with tight thighs that can’t sprint anymore.

So, Why do you extend that leg?

Cause you’re pissed that you got knocked down, you’re pissed cause that jammer got by you, and mostly, you should be pissed cause you didn’t keep an eye on those other players out on the rink.

How can this be fixed?

Doing falling drills every practice.
Read books about controlling your anger in frustrating moments.
Have girls be the “cheap” player during scrimmage so your league can get prepared and deal with these situations before they happen in bouts.
Realize that there are more than just jammers on the rink. Some ladies just see the star and go for that, not realizing that it’s the blockers who call the shots and give them as well!

Coaches/trainers should make it their responsibility to keep this from happening. It lessens the value of your league and it could cause some serious injuries for the opposing player (s). Injuries that happen because some bitch doesn’t know how to control herself on the rink is one way to be booed and frowned upon in the derby world… (or at least in Roxy’s world).

Ref’s should determine how threatening and harmful this is and call it accordingly. If they see one player doing it over and over again (even before her 4th major for the same crime), then the ref’s should take it upon themselves to eject that player from the remaining of the game.

For teams who have to deal with these players, a probation period should be implemented.
-no scrimmaging for a few practices
-falling drills on the side while the rest of the league is scrimmaging (i mean the WHOLE scrimmage time)
-assess her falls after the probation period is over
-do not allow her to do interleague bouts until your WHOLE league votes (or those eligible) that she is safe to return.
If these seem harsh, then you’re not taking this sport seriously.

You can have fancy pictures and cute costumes, but your lazy ass gets on the rink and pulls desperate moves like this, then you can count your league out of any chance of becoming an ally in the fight to make this a recognized sport for all women.

And personally, this is the ultimate goal all leagues should strive to promote

First Serve

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Uncensored doesn’t mean shitting on the unknown. I do not spell things wright nor do I write well… I literally write like i talk and drive like I skate. ADHD is my favorite 4 letter word. this “…” means a new thought.

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