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Out but Not Down- The Story of my ACL

It all started when I made a last ditch effort to hit the jammer at 19 feet. She was on the outside lane and I was a half of step behind her sprinting as fast as I could to catch up after making an off target hit .03 seconds prior to her passing me. Between […]

Bringing crazy back!

After a million years offline, I decided to start doing some small post on anything that I want that has to do with derby and getting through it. Last year, I announced my retirement from competitive skating. Meaning, I wasn’t going to play sanctioned games again. At that time, I had just gave birth to […]

Busy as Hell

Wanted to drop a note letting you know that I’m still here but am very busy trying to get CRG to Philly. Will post soon. Keep re-reading the shit you already know.


Sorry for not posting in awhile, family comes first sometimes. I took a ‘derby break’ and I still have a couple of days until I dive back into this here sport! Some of our girls are heading North to Charm City (Baltimore) this weekend to bout these WFTDA newbies. We sent a few girls that […]