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Revenge Hitting = Losing

One main thing in blocking to avoid is being sucked into revenge hitting. Blocking has to come from a productive, positive vision, not from your desire and ‘need’ to get back at a skater that just got one over on you. Recognizing you have a problem is the first step. The second, third and forth […]

Basic skating for the basic skater

Starting out on skates after being off of them for some years is a confusing and humbling process. You have this mindset that you were a kick-ass skater back in middle school and it’s going to be really easy for you to strap your skates on and start playing derby in a matter of days. […]

Rollergirl AWOL-knowing when to say when

“If such and such doesn’t happen, then I’m going to quit!” First off, never pose the threat of quitting. Saying that one word shows the level of commitment you’re willing to give unless you receive the demands you feel are owed. When I hear ladies say such things I merely respond (in my own head […]

Rollergirl Maintenance

Keeping your skates clean and dust free is a grave concern to us all. Sturdy skate laces and wheels that have some life left in them are also just as important. Yet after all that bullshit about cleaning bearings and saddle waxing your leather skate boots has lost its scent, the most important item of […]