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Home team meanings

Hi Roxy, I am wondering if you could give us some advice. We are going to be drafting in January for our league teams. We just finished our first intraleague season in September. This is the situation..We have four teams, and one was undefeated all season (in fact when they played bouts they usually beat […]

A letter for help

Yeah yea.. I’ve been absent. It’s called burned the F’ out! Here’s a letter I got a few weeks ago. I have actually received a lot of letters concerning this same damn thing. “Hey Girl, I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment and ask you a derby question. We […]

Response to a letter

This lady has been in contact with me since I started this blog early December (her name alone brightened up my day!).Anyway, she wrote me last night and asked me to give her some advice. I usually do not answer emails like this, but hers, I felt, warranted a post since all of these issues […]