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Blocking- the ins and outs of control vs desperation

This is a sensitive and personal subject to some skaters. When talking about blocking, I tend to think about it as two different types, desperate verses effective. As with anything you do on the rink, you have to know what, when, why and where to perform your acts. Blocking is something every skater does and […]

Bad Assists

Helping your jammers and blockers out is a very good thing, don’t get me wrong. When their tired and need an extra push, there’s nothing more loving than a nice healthy assist. However, doing assists incorrectly can hurt your jammer/blockers more than if you just have let them go to venture the amazon forest (aka. […]

The slow down lowdown-A guide to balancing your stops

One thing basic skating skills should teach is how to control speed and balance. Basic stops (without toe-stops) trains you to use your weight in proportion to your speed/momentum and height. I will not go into the toe-stop vs non toe-stop debate at this time (though I am against them and I will be happy […]

Clinging: Keep your hands to yourself

Ever hit someone when they least expect it? Ever feel your shirt was almost ripped off from the skater cause she didn’t know how to fall properly? Ever get knocked so hard you were making wishes on the shooting stars in your eyes? Your first reaction is to find a friend to lend a hand.. […]

UNintentional vs Intentional

┬áThese are the topics in the falling category. The Victim- A fallen skater The Crimes- Scissor legs Clinging to other skaters while falling Speed reduction trip (toe stops, forearms/elbows, plow-stop leg extension trip) Bad assists (one knee drop full arm whip, butt pushes on corners, one handed butt pushes, ‘back’ pushes instead of BUTT pushes, […]

Scissor Legs : We all Pay the Price

I would have to say this is the most frustrating way to waste energy, as a jammer and a blocker. Here comes the jammer and you have her lined up perfectly… you know how and when you’re going to take that bitch down. You have been staring at her for at least a half lap.. […]