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After a million years offline, I decided to start doing some small post on anything that I want that has to do with derby and getting through it.

Last year, I announced my retirement from competitive skating. Meaning, I wasn’t going to play sanctioned games again. At that time, I had just gave birth to a baby boy and during the pushing phase of labor, his big ass head got stuck and in turn, completely destroyed my pelvis (twisted and separated it). I literally couldn’t walk without a cane for a couple of weeks after his birth. I went back skating and couldn’t do a cross over because of how screwed up my hips were. sigh.

So, like any normal crazy person, I tried to get back into play too soon. I tried to get back into leadership positions to soon. I have been out of the loop for a whole year… well, I haven’t been in the loop I should say. I bench coached the B team and still volunteered at every game and whenever needed. So I wasn’t gone, I just wasn’t important enough to get feedback and advice from during my pregnancy.  However, during that time, I was able to observe derby just like I had been able to before getting pregnant and I feel, to this day, observation is an extremely powerful training tool that needs to be treated as such. (bout viewings are AWESOME!!!)

Anyway, long story short, I stopped playing sanctioned games during the 2010 year. I ref’d (YAY!), played 2 home games, played a Bootlegger game and now I am captaining and coaching the Bootleggeres for our final game of the year.

During the 2010 year, a lot of things happened for me. I ran for training director of my league and didn’t get majority of the votes (after some successful campaigning against me from a couple of skaters.. gotta love insecurities!); came to the realization that I place too high of expectations on myself in games and I suffer from extreme performance anxiety to the point of hating the game; that I can not treat my league like a family but rather like a business; and lastly, how to deal with burn out with the game and fellow team members.

All of these things have made me into a different person now. I come to practice with nothing but progress on my mind. I want to see where my team is at tonight and make sure we make 1 small improvement for the next practice.  I watch other leagues and skaters in a different way.. not as opponents but as trainers. I observe to see what step is missing and try and figure out a plan to put into play.

So now, I am back to writing small post here and there (hopefully more here than there). Different things will set my moods.. some training focused post and some attitude focused post. It just depends on what things I have learned over the minutes and feel a need to share with all my readers.. all 3 of you.

I will give you guys a heads up… a little secret.. I bought toe stops on Sat morning.

Snyder Toe Stops

Snyder Toe Stops

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