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A letter for help

Yeah yea.. I’ve been absent.

It’s called burned the F’ out!

Here’s a letter I got a few weeks ago. I have actually received a lot of letters concerning this same damn thing.

“Hey Girl,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to take a moment and ask you a derby question.

We are headed into a double header this weekend with significant injuries in the past couple of weeks. One team is down to 7 skaters. They want to have subs from another league, but that really rubs me the wrong way. ”

– From, ‘Rubbed raw’.
Roxy says:

“All is good, thanks.

Well, is this double header between home teams?
Is there anyway you guys can sub within the league? Take some of the girls with good endurance and use them? I personally see it as a way to help skaters build up their endurance as well as learn to play outside of their team/comfort zones. When interleague season starts for your league, you’ll appreciate having done that.

As far as subbing outside of the league, that would have to go to a league vote. I couldn’t imagine having girls from other leagues being as useful as my own league mates. is there anyway to combine one team and try and get another down for an interleague game? Building league strength above team pride.

If this an interleague game, there should be no questions about subbing within your league.”
If you have a question, feel free to write me:

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  1. good to see you back, roxy! good advice! our league is often in similar situations because we seem to chronically have low numbers. we definitely utilize subs from within the league for our own home games, but really don’t think we’d ever consider taking skaters from other leagues, especially for interleague bouts. we have had to cancel an interleague bout in the past because of low numbers – sometimes it’s better to build your team up than to rush a bout. it can become a slippery slope of making exceptions you would have never considered before and soon, you could very possibly find yourself compromising quality for quantity. i will say though that we have skated HOME season games with only 7 or 8 skaters per team and it makes for great endurance. probably wouldn’t recommend that for an interleague bout though!