Roxy Rockett

Busy as Hell

Wanted to drop a note letting you know that I’m still here but am very busy trying to get CRG to Philly.

Will post soon.

Keep re-reading the shit you already know.

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  1. Slay Belle says:

    We’re very excited you’re coming too.

  2. Hi Roxy Rockett!

    Thanks so much for this blog. It is really helping me to understand the game better. More so, I’ve been given Coaching duties over the next week and a half while our coach is in Hawaii (bitch!) for our wingling Derby League that started 4 months ago, and this will help me to get these girls ready for derby and up them a notch on their sweet skillz. I am sharing your blog with the coach to see if we can incorporate some of your training techniques with our own that we’ve been using. Ah screw it, that bitch is gonna be in Hawaii and she gave me cart blanche to tie these hookers up and spank them if I needed to. I’m gonna use your tips. Thanks again!

    =wendy lady=
    aka Nerd Rage #42

  3. Phil Proteau says:

    Nice blog, I look forward to reading stuff from the insiders. In fact, I will link you up.

    See you at Dorton.
    Phil Proteau

  4. voodoo says:

    You are one of the most amazing women I know … Keep the info coming!

  5. Sk8 Crime says:

    Cincinnati Rollergirl Here… Can’t wait to meet you in a few weeks. Thanks for all your hard work in bringing us!

    I promise not to dry-hump you too much. 😉

  6. Madame Furie says:

    Oh Roxy Rockett, are you ever going to blog again? I cannot live without more wisdom from derby pros!

  7. Nell Bomb says:

    Miss your blogs!!!! Please write again soon!

  8. go get married already so you can come back to us cybergeeks!

  9. Runaway Trainer says:

    Roxy Rockett,

    I can’t believe it. Finally, someone outside the league to bounce training ideas off of. I really like all the suggestions you gave and intend on incorporating them into our practices.

    Thanks Again, will spend time reading and learning!!!!!!!

  10. PowerSnatch says:

    Yes, we can’t wait to hear more. Congrats on the nuptuals!

    I’m especially keen to learn your play calling tips!