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Venting like a true fan

UGHH! I need to vent. It won’t grant any wishes, but f’n christallmighty.. what in the hell is going to happen to derby if ladies worry about photo’s moreso than practicing? I was doing some myspace stalking and came across leagues that had fancy pictures but no action shots. I like fancy pictures. I like chocolate and beer. I like all 3 at the same time. But good freakin’ grief.. aarrrggghhhhhh! Perhaps our league is just ghetto. Perhaps if we had free time, we would take fancy photos. dunno.

I’m going to post my last damn topic on falling and get to the size post. I had 2 great ladies supply me with their opinions and a lot more asked me questions. Thanks to all of you who replied!

Off to work.
damn crap

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  1. fighty says:

    the biggest offense is that the skater, “Odor” is wearing white skates (the best color skates), knee pads and wrist guards but no helmet. then we have the green chicks properly protected with helmets but obviously too cool for knees protection.

    the whole thing makes me need a drink. please tell me you’ve seen the commercial, too.

  2. Skate Machine says:

    hmmm . . . now that I think of it, I don’t think there are any action shots of me. we have a few of our league, I just happen to avoid the camera ;P I’m better on the other side of the lens.
    I now see this as a challenge! Someone’s gotta have a pic of me skating somewhere . . . .

    oh yeah, I hate that stupid commercial too. stupid.

  3. eris says:

    my favorites are the girls in skates in bathtubs. oh yes, i loooove those. love em. delish.

    ah the beauty of rollergirl cliche.

  4. Dahmer says:

    The biggest rollergirl cliche is striped socks. But how they’ve grown on me…

  5. Skippy says:

    Maybe it’s because good action shots are hard to come by – I dunno.

  6. Frenzy Lohan says:

    Tell me about it. Like, go be Suicide Girls or whatever, and hats off to you, but you’re not going to stay pretty for long if you don’t learn to skate. When a league’s MySpace page crashes my browser because of the sheer volume of cheesecake shots, that seems like an indication that maybe they aren’t entirely serious.