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Bad Assists

Helping your jammers and blockers out is a very good thing, don’t get me wrong. When their tired and need an extra push, there’s nothing more loving than a nice healthy assist. However, doing assists incorrectly can hurt your jammer/blockers more than if you just have let them go to venture the amazon forest (aka. Pack) alone. Granted, assists are learned through constantly doing them, and in the beginning (actually, any time), you will make errors. You need to learn from your mistakes and understand why it wasn’t effective. Don’t get pissed and yell at the girl giving you the assist, instead say “thanks, but what happened was, blah blah blah” and keep working on it. Also, you do not have to take every assists that offered to you. As a jammer/blocker, you know what you’re doing and where you want to go. On the same note, if you need an assist and no one seems to be lending you hand, ask for one.


I got this comment a few days ago, after posting what my Falling topics will include. I decided to answer her in this post.

“What’s bad about doing a one knee drop whip assist? “ -Mange

First off, it’s not what you’re doing, it’s how and when you’re doing it.

One Knee drop whip assists are good, IF:

  1. Leg Position-You keep the leg that’s on the floor right behind you (rather than to the side) and you get up and sprint as soon as the whip is completed. I think a lot of girls fail in this department. They tend to give these drop down whips and sit on the floor and proceed to take a nice little nap.

  2. Where is your position in the pack? In order to give these types of whips you have to be either; a) in the back of the pack– Doing this will either be 20 feet assist (penalty); you’re out of play in the pack as a blocker and not helping where you’re needed most; or, you simply whip into the backs of other skaters.

    b).in the front of the pack– again 20 ft rule; tripping oncoming skaters; ability to get up and be counted as an effective blocker.

    c).on the outside line– this would be the ideal time to drop down to a one knee whip assist. However, it also depends on your ability to get right back up and sprint to stay in the pack and be an effective blocker. NOTE: the timing on this whip could be effective due to the inability of opposing blockers to break it up or stop it completely. The skater on the ground acts like a protected shield for her whippee. That skater (the whipper) can not be blocked while on the ground giving the whip, and if the whip has enough force behind it, the whippee would be projected at a faster speed than that blocker who’s looking to stop this whip and will go unscathed.

  3. Timing– Do not give/receive a whip at the back of the pack if you can help it. Getting whipped into the backs of other players is a penalty, not to mention it f’n hurts the blockers. If you see the pack is spread out and a lot of holes are present, then I would say that would be left up to the jammer if she wanted to take it. Otherwise, don’t waste your time lending a whip, rather, go into the pack and help by blocking for her!

Butt Pushes

We all love some butt pushes, and we all hate them at the same time. Butt pushes (along with whips) should have their own dedicated practice time. If done wrong, you are setting back your jammers/blockers rather than helping them. Also, communicate to the girl you’re assisting. Yell, “butt push” when you’re about to give one. Sometimes, I like to grab the girl I’m about to assist and count down from 3. I usually put my hands on her hips on the corner and then push her when coming out (only if there is an open space).

3 Steps to pushing the butt

  1. Positioning of hands. You should have your hands right above or on her hips. Noticed I said hands (both) and not fingers (‘Jazz Hand’ butt pushes are useless) and hips not back.

  2. Going into the corners. Crossovers, unexpected tripping, rope lights, blocks.. etc, are all factors when giving a butt push in the corners. The skaters body positioning is different than when skating on the straight away. I would highly recommend NO butt pushes on corners.

  3. How to push. When giving a butt push, you should always push forward, not in an upward/downward motion. When giving the push, you also need to absorb the girl getting the assist. Hard to explain. Easier to demonstrate.

Biker Fox demonstrating Jazz Hands:

Jazz Hands

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  1. jiligula says:

    I love Biker Fox. Thanks for the blog. Keep it coming!

  2. Marquee says:

    Sister, truer words have yet to be writ. Bad assists can wreck a lovely jam. Don’t forget this other aspect of bad assisting: HEROS. That person that sacrifices a great block for a mediocre assist.
    What’s the number one way to assist your jammer? Blocking!! Move the bitch that is threatening to stop your jammer- and when she’s no longer in the jammers way- give that assist. Don’t stand there with your arm behind you waiting to give an arm whip, when the only place the jammer can go is right behind a wall.